Client feedback has been consistently positive across all projects:

“Annabel brings a deep understanding of change management, and pharmaceutical operational models and she enables solutions to be found from within the team.  She also strives to understand both the business and human barriers to success; she brings a warmth and empathy to her consultancy support that is so often missing in larger organisations. I would have absolutely no hesitation in working with Annabel again.”

Senior Commercial Director, FTSE 100

“I have just completed the country level project review. I am very impressed; I thought it was a remarkable change, a transformation. I really think you have done a fantastic job and wanted to congratulate and thank you.”

President, Asia Pacific Region, Global privately owned

“I think you set the pace perfectly, taking the time to really understand the business whilst building a relationship based on trust and respect.  This meant when the diagnosis was complete, the output was accepted and the team were able to move quickly.  We really could not have done this ourselves.”

General Manager, FTSE 100

“We have all been excited by the outcomes of the project, a thorough analysis and a clear and evidence based approach to reveal issues, resulting in a sound action plan to fix it. This is a very valuable achievement taking into account the sensitivity of the issues and necessity for the organisation to accept and act upon them.”

Senior Commercial Director, FTSE 100

“I really appreciate the fantastic job you did. Your ability to understand our country and our company culture within such a short period of time was fantastic.”

Sales Director, FTSE 100

“The difficulty in today’s organisations is how to move from strategic thinking to action planning, Annabel has got the skills to manage structurally and wisely. Her strength in stakeholder management allows her to apply all her knowledge and methodology in a project.”

Vice President, Commercial, FTSE 100

“I do remember in my MBA trying to understand how reframing of organizations works in real life – now I see how we can do it ourselves!”

Marketing Manager, FTSE 100

“Annabel worked with our team to prepare and introduce great change to the company. Optimizing the size, changing the operational model and introducing different ways of working. She successfully assisted and challenged the executive management team in the change management process as well as the operational teams that were exposed to the change. No matter how difficult the task,  she managed to create a positive atmosphere and engage everybody.”

Marketing Director, FTSE 100

“Annabel is a truly 360 degree expert and leader. Her expertise has been essential in identifying and interpreting large amounts of information to easily identify key areas of focus. The final outcome has been top quality and has clearly had a positive impact on our business performance.”

Commercial Director, FTSE 100